FIFA under 20 World Cup is coming

25 May 2015 | snap news by Patrick



If you have ever wondered what it would be like to see the calibre of player gracing the European circuits in NZ? Well, they may not be in their professional prime, but they are on their way to NZ. Imagine saying you have seen a Young Messi play in New Plymouth, or Junior Ronaldo playing in Dunedin. Would be good to see that’s for sure. Snap Rentals can get you around New Zealand for the tournament for next to nothing. The beauty of holding an major sporting event in winter is the price of tourism is cheap. When the tournament kicks off at the end of May, you can be behind the wheel of a Snap Rentals vehicle for as low as $11 per day. Put it this way, you can have wheels for the whole of the world cup for sub $300NZ! So now it’s not too late to secure your Snap Rental car for the Fifa U20 World Cup. For a bit of planning, here is the schedule for the tournament:

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