Get sorted for winter with snow chains and roof racks

If you’re heading to New Zealand for a Winter holiday you need to be prepared for our wintery conditions. Get clued up on what you need to make sure your Winter trip is remembered for all the right reasons!

Snow Chains

Snow and ice covers New Zealand’s roads in Winter – so get yourself sorted with snow chains. If you are travelling anywhere in the South Island during the late Autumn and Winter months you are going to need snow chains to explore our mountain passes and everyday roadways. If your trip includes a visit to the Central North Island, snow chains are a must for you too.  It is a legal requirement to carry snow chains in some areas and if the weather conditions change suddenly, you don’t want to be stuck roadside in the cold! We have snow chains to fit all of our vehicle categories and these can be added to your booking for NZD$40.00. Our Snap Rentals crew will be happy to give you a demonstration of how to fit the snow chains to your vehicle if you need some help.

A few tips for snow chains:

  • When using chains, make sure they are fitted to the driving wheels (eg for a front wheel car, chains go at the front)
  • Fitted chains should be firm but not tight
  • After fitting chains, drive a short distance then check them again to make sure they are secure
  • Carry warm gloves and make sure you have a torch
  • Drive slowly when using chains

Keep an eye out on the extras page for the snow chains icon to add a set to your hire.

Snow Chains $40.00 per hire

How to fit Snow Chains

As long as you know what you're doing, then fitting snow chains is easy. Check out this snow chains instructional video made by our friends at Cardrona Alpine Resort.


Roof Racks

If your coming to New Zealand for our sensational skiing and snowboarding then chances are you’re carrying a lot of gear. Make the journey a comfortable one with a roof rack (it comes with everything you need to ensure your gear is safe). For NZD$25.00 we can fit a roof rack to our Premium Economy, Premium Hatch, Premium Mid Size, and SUVs. Make your Winter journey stress free and grab some roof racks.

Roof Racks with Ski / Snowboard Carrier

If you're heading up the mountain, make sure you order a Roof Rack with Ski / Snowboard Carrier for only NZ$35.00 per hire. 

Top Winter Driving Tips

We want to make sure you’re safe out there in our Winter Wonderland so here a few driving tips for the season:

  • Carry with you a working torch (and spare batteries) and your mobile phone
  • Carry snow chains, and familiarise yourself with how to fit them
  • Drive with your headlights on, day or night
  • Update yourself on weather and road conditions regularly

Keep an eye out on the extras page for the roof rack icon to add a set to your hire.

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