Meet Chris, the Queenstown go-to guy

28 February 2018 | snap news by Patrick

Chris Ettenfield, our new Queenstown Warehouse Supervisor, arrived in Queenstown to do some skiing 5 years ago and still has no plans to return to the UK. We chat to him about his driving experiences and his favourite activities in Queenstown.


Chris, Queenstown Branch Manager


Who taught you to drive? 
I used an instructor mainly but a lot of trips to college in the morning with my mum was where I got most of my practice.


Tell us about your first car 
With insurance in the UK being so high, I was just sharing a car with my family. It was a silver Mini Cooper.


What is your most memorable car trip?
Driving the family 25 hours from Leeds to the south of France. We decided it was better than taking the plane, although I’ll never understand why?!?!?

What are your must-do tips for people visiting Queenstown?
Everyone has to bungee, regardless of how terrified you might claim to be. It’s still the greatest thing I’ve ever done. However, if that’s too out there, you can always take a jet boat down the Shotover River or even white water raft down that same river.


What’s on your roadtrip playlist?
Usually George FM until I lose signal, then it’s either house bangers or 90s old school depending on who I’ve got in the car with me.


How do you typically spend your weekend?
I’m usually making the most of what Queenstown has to offer – summer months I spend it by the lake, or doing one of the 10 million different activities that you can do here. During winter, I spend everyday up in the mountain playing in the snow – after all thats why I moved here in the first place.


What do you love most about living in Queenstown?
I love the people, I love the scenery and I love that there is always something to do regardless of the weather. Five years ago I moved here on a one year visa to do a little bit of skiing after finishing uni and 5 years later I still live here with no plans to return to the UK.

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