Winter Driving In New Zealand

29 June 2015 | snap news by Patrick

Winter is one of the best times to go for road trips across New Zealand. This is the time of the year when you would get to see snow-capped majestic mountains at every turn or crystal blue or glassy lakes. But roads can be tricky, so there are a few precautions which travellers must take care of.

Mt Cook - Watch out for black ice on the roads
Mt Cook – Watch out for black ice on the roads

5 Tips for safe Winter driving in New Zealand

  1. Before embarking on your journey, get complete information about the weather and how it is going to be. If there are any notifications of snow or rain, it is better to keep those areas marked or even better to avoid driving through those areas in winter. There are various websites which would provide adequate information on the weather.
  2. Always carry an extra pair of warm clothing a bright fully charged functional torch.
  3. Most people rent cars for road trips thus it is important to carry chains if you have a route which can see snowfall. Snap Rentals hires snow chains for only $30.00 per hire. Our staff will show you how to fit them when you collect your vehicle. When driving with snow chains drive very slowly when the chains are on.
  4. Black ice is a common occurrence especially around the lakes and other waterbodies. It is very difficult to spot this kind of ice during winter nights, so drive carefully. Lookout for shiny or wet patches. Sudden braking and direction changes should be completely avoided to ensure safety.
  5. On a road trip you will get a million reasons to pull over a take a photo. It is very obvious with all the scenic beauty around. But it is equally important to pull over at the right spot. Do not simply halt at bends where other drivers might not see you at all. Or do not get so engrossed while taking photographs that you are standing in the middle of the road.

So go ahead and enjoy your road trip!

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