Hire Tesla with Snap

Snap have already pre-ordered Model S and Model 3 Teslas. As a result you’ll be able to get your hands on the Model S as soon as May in Auckland (with Christchurch & Queenstown coming soon). The Teslas can be utilised for medium range trips within a 480km radius of Auckland. Sign up below or follow us on Facebook for further updates. Hire a Tesla with Snap and we will deliver it to you within the Auckland Metropolitan Area.


This is a huge step forward for the rental industry in New Zealand and we are very excited that 100% electric vehicles will be available to hire. EVs not only have major environmental benefits, but also offer significant financial savings, and new levels of convenience which make them the logical choice for your next rental car.


Experience Tesla:

  • Approx $10 for a full charge (up to 480km range).
  • Save time and beat traffic. The Government and local councils are looking to allow EVs to drive in bus lanes and transit lanes.
  • No more looking for a petrol station when you’re running late for a flight. Just return the vehicle without charging.
  • Power that will propell you to 100km/h in less than 6 Seconds
  • Market leading range
  • Experience Luxury like no other
  • We will deliver the Tesla to you within the Auckland Metropolitan area.

Check out Snap in the news launching EV:Patrick & Jamie - Owners


Register your interest with us by clicking here, or like us on Facebook, and we will keep you up to date with release dates and other news about Tesla hire in New Zealand.