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To have peace of mind while you explore every inch of our country, grab yourself some insurance. We recommend Go Smarter Comprehensive Protection Cover. Its only a little more a day to be fully covered and have total peace of mind.

Snap Rentals offers the best car rental insurance. Here at Snap we strongly recommend getting insurance cover as the friendly locals you meet on your travels might not have any insurance. In New Zealand having third party insurance cover isn’t compulsory, so even if an accident isn’t your fault you may still find yourself with a hefty bill that doesn’t get paid by the other driver.

Luckily for you – here at Snap we offer a few different insurance options to tickle your fancy.


$0 Excess, $0 Bond + Extra Cover

To cover all your bases while on the road then Go Smarter Comprehensive Protection Cover is the option for you. For only NZD$29.00 per day (to a maximum of fifty (50) days) you will reduce your excess/bond amount to NZD$0.00. You are also covered for multiple tyre punctures, windscreen chips and one complete windscreen replacement. Sound too good to be true? It’s not and it’s all yours if you opt for the Go Smarter Comprehensive Protection Cover.


  • $0.00 Excess.

  • $0.00 Bond.

  • Windscreen and tyre cover.

  • Premium 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

  • Lost key replacement costs.

*Full list of inclusions and exclusions available in the Snap Rentals Terms and Conditions.


$500 Excess, $500 Bond

If you just want the basics then Baseline Excess Reduction will reduce your excess and bond down to $500.00 By paying NZD$24.00 per day (to a maximum of fifty (50) days) that cheeky excess is reduced to $500.00. But be careful on those gravel roads – you don’t have any cover for your windscreen or tyres!


$2000 Excess

All of our rentals come with Risky Business Insurance – this bog standard option means that your excess amount is NZD $2000.00. So if you are involved in an accident or there is damage caused to the car while it is out on hire to you, you will need to pay up to this amount, even if its not your fault.

In New Zealand there is NO compulsory third party insurance. It is thought that as many as 30% of vehicles on the road in New Zealand don’t have any insurance. This means you could be liable for damage, even if its not your fault, so we recommend that you take out Go Smarter Comprehensive Protection Cover – that way you are fully covered!

Other Insurance Options:

Restricted Licence (P Plates) Cover ($0.00 Excess/Bond – Compulsory For ‘Restricted’ Licence And ‘P Plate’ Licence Holders):

If you haven’t quite got your full licence but have a Restricted or P Plate licence, don’t worry – you can still hire a Snap car by taking out our Restricted Licence Insurance. At only NZ$34.00 per day (to a maximum of fifty (50) days) you can hit the road and know you are also fully covered in the event of an accident, because our Go Smarter Comprehensive Protection Cover is also included.

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