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FREE Airport Shuttle

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If you are looking for Christchurch Airport car rental, Snap has you covered!

Snap Rentals Christchurch Airport

170 Orchard Road


Christchurch 8051

Ph: 09 275 2438
Free Phone: 0800 288 699

International Phone: +64 9 275 2438

08:00am - 5:30pm Open 7 Days
After Hours Pick Ups/Drop-offs available as per instructions below - this must be pre-arranged.

Our Christchurch Airport branch is located less than a 5 minute drive from the exit doors at the Airport. You can walk, however it would take about 30 minutes. You are much better to take advantage of our Free Christchurch Airport Shuttle Service.



Between 08:00am - 05:30pm

Dropping off your rental car at our Christchurch Airport depot is super simple, the key things to remember are:

  • Make sure you have fueled up your vehicle to the same level as when you picked it up to avoid a refuelling charge ($25). The nearest gas station to our Christchurch Airport depot is the BP station on the corner of Harewood Road & Russley Road.

  • Make sure the vehicle is left in a clean & tidy state - we don't expect it to be fully groomed or anything, but a general clean and tidy will help to avoid an additional charge.

After checking the above, simply drop the keys off to the branch staff who will do a 2 minute final handover process and your away!

Our Christchurch Airport Shuttle service does work both ways - simply ask for a lift back to the airport when dropping off your vehicle.

After Hours Drop-offs

After hours drop-offs must be pre-arranged. 

If you are dropping off your vehicle after our business hours of between 8:00am and 5:30pm - you will need to contact our After Hours Drop Offs team. All After Hours Drop Offs must be prearranged and are NZ $50.00 (including airport transfer). If you do not have an After Hours Drop Off listed on your confirmation please contact us and we can add this to your booking. Once prearranged, you will need to drop off your vehicle with Airparks Canterbury - details as below:

Airparks Canterbury

17/25 Logistics Drive



Ph: +64 3 360 3113

Free Phone: 0800 24 77 27


Christchurch Airport

Please make your way to Door 2 of Christchurch Airport's Domestic Terminal (signs for "Car Rental Transfers"). Directly outside of Door 2 is a row of bus shelters - our shuttle will arrive just outside of Door 2 once requested.

Christchurch Airport


Picking Up Between 8:00am - 5:30pm:

Visit our Christchurch Airport Shuttle Request page below to request your shuttle pick up. Please ensure that you are at the airport & have cleared customs & security before requesting the shuttle.

Our shuttle is available on demand - there's no need to arrange your shuttle prior with us to your arrival at the airport

Afterhours Instructions

If you are collecting your vehicle after our business hours of between 8:00am and 5:30pm - you will need to contact our After Hours Pick Up team. All After Hours Pick Ups must be prearranged and are NZ $50.00 (including airport transfer). If you do not have an After Hours Pick Up listed on your confirmation please contact us and we can add this to your booking. Once prearranged, when you arrive at Christchurch Airport you will need to contact Airpark Canterbury on 0800 24 77 27. We will charge the full amount due for the rental on the working day before your rental begins - using the credit card you have supplied when booking. To ensure your vehicle will be waiting for you at our after hours service, please ensure there are adequate funds on this credit card. The pick up locations for our after hours provider are the same as noted above.

Can I rent a car one way from Christchurch Airport?

​One way car rental is no problem from Christchurch Airport with Snap. Just make you set your pick up location to Christchurch Airport and your drop off location to your desired end point when you book online to ensure the correct one way rates and fees (if applicable) are calculated.

How long does it take to walk to the Snap car rental depot from Christchurch Airport?

​Our Christchurch Airport depot is located 2.5km from the International Terminal, taking about 30 minutes to walk

How much does it cost to rent a car from Christchurch Airport?

Car rental prices from Christchurch Airport vary based on the type of car you are renting, when you are renting the car for and how long you are booking the car for. Popular periods such as Christmas, New Year and long weekends will typically see higher prices, as well as bigger more luxurious vehicle categories. At Christchurch Airport, peak winter months may also see higher prices due to keen skiers hitting popular ski spots for Christchurch to Queenstown.

A tip for reducing car rental costs from Christchurch Airport – look to book your car from operators that aren’t based in the Airport terminals themselves (like Snap). These operators don’t have to pay the lofty terminal rents and so are typically in a better position to offer a better deal. Snap even offers a free airport shuttle to and from the Christchurch airport terminal to our depot!

Where do I collect my Christchurch Airport rental car?

You can collect your Snap rental car from Christchurch Airport at 170 Orchard Road, Harewood – our Christchurch Airport branch. The best way to get there is via our free Christchurch airport shuttle, but walking is an option too if you are feeling fit (it's about 30 minutes which isn't ideal if you are lugging bags about)! Simply walk into the depot and one of our friendly team will be able to help you to your rental car.

Where is the rental car drop off location at Christchurch Airport?

You can drop off your Snap rental car at our Christchurch Airport depot at 170 Orchard Road, Harewood – the drop off & pick up locations at this depot are the same. Once you have dropped off your rental car, our free Auckland Airport shuttle is available to take you to the terminal.

What is the best rental car at Christchurch Airport?

The best rental car at Christchurch Airport is typically considered something you with a bit of space to stretch out and relax while you navigate the South Island's famously beautiful roads and landscape. For this purpose, Snap's Crossover category or any of our SUV options are typically considered the best rental cars by our Christchurch Airport customers.

How long does it take to drive from Christchurch Airport into the city?

​It takes about 20 minutes to drive from our Christchurch Airport depot into Christchurch city centre. Traffic usually isn't too bad in Christchurch, but it can take up to 10 minutes longer than this during peak times.

What is there to do near Christchurch Airport?

​If you find yourself with a bit of time before dropping off your rental car at Christchurch Airport, there are a number of activities in the immediate airport area:

International Antarctic Centre – get buffeted by a realistic Antarctic storm, get a ride in an all-terrain amphibious vehicle or check out some adorable penguins. Located at the entrance to the airport. Learn more:

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve – considered New Zealand's most comprehensive NZ themed wildlife park, check out a huge range of NZ wildlife including kiwis, eels, Tuatara & more. Learn more:


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