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There is no shortage of travel tips, tricks and suggestions for international travellers coming to New Zealand.

Tourism groups, tourism providers and businesses all offer their 10 cents on the best places to see, the top things to do and how to do it all.

Even a simple Google search can be overwhelming with its plethora of options.

So who do you turn to? Travel bloggers, of course. People that travel the world writing about their experiences and leaving a handy, traceable digital footprint of their honest opinions.

When it comes to circumnavigating New Zealand, there has been no shortage of these bloggers exploring the land of the long white cloud.

At Snap Rentals, we believe in sharing the best advice and information with our audiences – so have compiled this list of the best Kiwi travel blogs to guide your New Zealand trip.

Craig and Linda Martin are two Kiwis who have travelled the world and turned their successful blog into a podcast.

In May 2017 they spent five months travelling their home country by road. Their perspective of New Zealand brings local knowledge and understanding, but also looking through new eyes.

New Zealanders Petra and Shaun are in their late 20s and love being tourists in their own country. Their posts offer insightful glimpses into travelling here and abroad.

Whether it is their locals tips for how to switch off and enjoy nature, the best wine, beer and food to try or advice on the best times of year to come to New Zealand – they have it all covered.

These guys know how to travel the world. With all the stamps in their passports and memory banks filled with riches, this is what they say about New Zealand: “It has more natural beauty to deliver than most other places in the World combined. Each island offers you something new and this country deserves as much time as you can give it. It was one of our most memorable trips to date.”

Now if that’s not an endorsement, we don’t know what is. Oh, maybe their 30-plus posts about what to do while you’re here, and how to do it well.

Hugo and Christina are another couple of global adventurers. When they spent a month travelling both islands of New Zealand, they whipped up so many informative posts about the experiences we thought you should see them. Chasing glaciers, kayaking the Abel Tasman National Park and checking out the geothermal activity in Rotorua – they ticked a lot off in their time here, and now you can, too.

Another favourite blogger of ours is the vivacious Megan Singleton. Constantly globe trotting, she has also trotted the length and breadth of her homeland.

A bit of a local authority on all things travel, her New Zealand guide is a must read.

It covers a range of lesser known activities, as well as the must-dos, and will give you something to laugh about while you’re reading, too.

New Zealand is nothing if not photogenic, and Carmen Huter’s travel snaps of the country are next level. Beautifully composed, she showcases New Zealand’s stunning natural scenery.

By inserting herself into the landscapes, viewers can’t help but picture themselves there, too.

For those looking for more info on a backpacker-style Kiwi experience, Rob and Linda work for the Backpacker Guide.

They spent 365 days writing about being backpackers in New Zealand – from throwing themselves out of planes and over bridges, to getting traditional Maori tattoos and spying on Kiwis at night.

Their guide is great for travellers of any age to get a feel for the different styles of travel available in Aotearoa.

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