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Aaron Ginger is our team leader at the Snap Rentals Christchurch branch and lucky for us, this guy knows his way around a car or two. We chat with him about very first driving lessons, doing up old cars in the UK and where’s good to go in New Zealand.

Who taught you to drive? My dad taught me to drive in his old VW T4 work van.

Tell us about your first car? My first car was a 1989 VW MK2 GOLF which I still own. It is currently at home in storage back in the UK. I bought this as my first car and have spent thousands of pounds doing it up. The pictures are how I bought it and also what it looks like now…

What is your most memorable car trip? The most memorable drive was when I drove to a car show with over 400 cars in convoy. All modified VW cars all going up one motorway.

What are your must-do tips for people visiting New Zealand? Lake Tekapo is a must do! Absolutely beautiful at night with all the stars.

What’s on your roadtrip playlist? On my driving playlist is always UK grime music which originated in the UK back in early 2000’s. It is a very, (let’s say unique) genre of music which not many other countries listen to. People like Stormzy and Skepta are now making the genre more mainstream.

How do you typically spend your weekend? I normally spend my weekend with my friends or out on my bike at Christchurch Adventure Park doing some downhill mountain biking.

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