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What can start off as an exciting work perk, can quickly start to seem like a chore: the double edged sword that is a work trip.

With this collection of advice from Snap’s collective pool of wisdom, you can make the most of your strings attached travel.


Download a new playlist or some podcasts before you hit the road. Reconnect with some old favourites or take the opportunity to finally listen to a new album or artist.

Personally, we love browsing for a new podcast or podcast series. For the binge listeners out there, we recommend Serial, S-Town and Black Hands.

TED Talks are also the perfect business travel companion, providing ample food for thought on the latest ideas in science, technology, psychology and society.

We love listening to Martin Van Beynen’s ‘Black Hands’ podcast.


Why not treat yourself, and your business associates, to a lovely lunch/dinner/breakfast at a nice spot. On the company credit card, of course.

If you’re travelling solo, why not try and organise to meet with an old friend or business contact, or arrange a real-life meeting with one of your LinkedIn contacts?

It can be hard to know the best spots in a foreign town or city, so check out restaurant recommendations online before you go.

We like to use The Urban List, Neat Places, Metro and Concrete Playground to suss out the best places for out-of-town dining options.


It’s not every evening you have a place to yourself, so instead of wallowing in loneliness – make the most of it.

Run a bath; watch a movie or television series; book a massage; head to a gym with a sauna or even just have a good, old fashioned early night. Sounds crazy, we know…


If you find yourself with downtime during the day, why not browse through the local shops. Not only do most people never have time to do this, but in the online shopping era it’s almost irrelevant.

Whether it’s presents for those back home or a little something something for yourself, you’ll never what you might find until you look.


Yes, yes we know that sounds ridiculous. But why not stay the weekend and truly explore this new place you wouldn’t have come unless your employer made you?

Chances are it will be easy to arrange your return travel through the office, maybe tack on a one-way flight for your significant other, plan your own accommodation and drive home together on Sunday. Kind-of free trips are the best trips after all.

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