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Jeschua Strohmeier and Bendix Vormfenne started with us as a couple of Car Groomers last year and it wasn’t long before we discovered their skill and talent for film. These days they travel the country as our in-house film crew, creating amazing content showcasing the most beautiful spots around New Zealand. We chat to them about their driving experiences and favourite activities around New Zealand.

Who taught you to drive? We learned to drive at a driving school back in Germany 3 years ago.

Tell us about your first car Jeschua had a old little Opel Agila as his first car. We shared the car most of the time because we were living very close.

What is your most memorable car trip? Last year we made a unforgettable road trip through Australia together with very good friends.

When did you move to New Zealand and what were you doing before this? We arrived in New Zealand in the end of October last year. Before we were travelling through Indonesia and Australia.

What are your must-do tips for people visiting New Zealand? For every surfer-soul, we can highly recommend Raglan! If you are a LOTR fan and a filmmaker, Hobbiton is a must do.

What’s on your road trip playlist? We are always listening to Martin Garrix, but also German artists and film soundtracks are on our playlist.

How do you typically spend your weekend? On the weekend we are usually working on our film projects. If not and we have a day off, we go surfing on the West Coast.

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