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Hanging ten, catching waves, in the green room… Whatever you want to call it, we have hunted out some of the best spots for surfing in New Zealand. North or South – or both – our coastlines are packed with places to ride.


You might not find pirates and buried treasure at this awesomely named beach, but you will find good swell.

The seascape also means you will get a long ride into the shore. What more could you ask for?!


Synonymous with surfing in New Zealand, this east coast beach town has the goods.

Raglan is a must-do for your New Zealand surfing tour bucket list.


Brave the ferocious seas at this popular black sand, west coast surf spot.

Piha is popular for a reason!


Surfing in the middle of the city? Only at Fitzroy. A stone’s throw from New Plymouth in the Taranaki region, this beach has it all.

Plus, it is on the famous Taranaki Surf Highway 45 – the road to follow if you want to uncover your own surfing secrets.


Known to big wave surfers, the Catlins coast is brimming with beaches, coves and bays to be explored and enjoyed. It’s exposed area means wild weather, which means heavy ocean swells, which means waves for days…


If you visit the Canterbury region, there is one bay you will be able to wet your board in. Slightly outside of Christchurch, this little gem offers the best surf in town (if you get her on a good day)…


Surfers converge on this beach like seagulls on fish’n’chips – so you know it’s a goodie. If it wasn’t for the long stretches of sandy coastline and beautiful ocean views, the landscape would look barren without them on the horizon.

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