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In a first for New Zealand, Snap has replaced its traditional diesel transfer shuttle vans at Auckland Airport and Christchurch Airport, with 100% electric powered EV vans with funding help from EECA and the Government’s Low Emission Vehicle Contestable Fund.

We've purchased three 100% electric powered LDV EV80 10 seater shuttles for use at our Auckland Airport, and Christchurch Airport pickup locations. We have always been at the forefront of the move towards electric vehicles, being the first nationwide car rental company to offer EVs in 2017, and the first rental company to offer Tesla vehicles for hire. We also have the largest percentage of hybrid vehicles of any nationwide car rental operator. 

Snap is strongly committed to moving towards a more sustainable operation, and it makes both environmental and financial sense to switch to electric shuttles. For many, our shuttles are the first experience people have of New Zealand, and we want to show we are committed to a sustainable future, while offering world class affordable service. Snap was successful in gaining funding assistance from EECA and the Government’s Low Emission Vehicle Contestable Fund which assists organisations with the funding of projects which help accelerate the uptake of electric and other low emissions vehicles. We estimate a reduction of approximately 34 tones of CO2 emissions annually with the switch from diesel to electric shuttles. 

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