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Exciting things have been happening at our Auckland Airport branch over the last few weeks. Due to the demand from customers for our rental cars, our Auckland office was becoming a little small for all the increased numbers of customers picking up and returning. While our existing rental office was perfectly functional, it often became a little too cozy with everyone collecting and returning cars.

In order to cope with the demand, we have taken a unique approach, and converted one of our vehicle storage warehouses into a fully functional reception area for customers to collect and return their hire cars. All too often rental agencies offices are boring lifeless places, and we were determined to create a space that is fun, functional, memorable, and inviting for our customers’. We are very proud of the new space, and the feedback from customers so far has been awesome!

The space includes all the normal things you would expect, such as a check in desk, complementary visitor brochures and maps, but also has some other elements that take it to another level. The Snap Table Tennis table is proving popular amongst m  any of our customers, and we encourage you to challenge any of our team to a game. But be warned, we’re quite good!

Customers have described the space, as “New York warehouse chique meets Kiwi batch”, or “a Kiwi mancave” and we would agree. Anyone collecting or returning a rental car in Auckland will get to enjoy the service and space from the new rental office. You can hang around, chat with us about your trip, or just fly through, grab you car and hit the road.

We’ve got a few more surprises to add to the space which we know you will enjoy, so as they say, “watch this space”.

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