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They say miracles happen in mysterious ways. Well at least I think that’s a saying? Anyway, miracles happen, they can be mysterious – it’s lovely.

But the best miracle of them all? Your workplace secret santa, of course.

The ballot has been drawn, whether you wanted to participate or not, and now you find yourself in need of a gift idea which shows you know something about someone whom you likely no very little about at all.

The joy!

As genuinely caring people with your best interests at heart, at Snap we thought, “We know, let’s create a gift guide so people don’t have to be awkward or attempt some badly received humour and never live it down and maybe have to change jobs and/or careers”.

So that we have done. Here, ladies, gentlemen and all other members of our esteemed audience, is :

Snap’s Guide to Giving Miraculously Good Secret Santa Gifts That Won’t Backfire in Terrible Ways.

Buy a Christmas Box for a family in need: For just $30, your donation will make a Christmas hamper for a family that could very well make their Christmas. Each box caters for a family of four to six to supplement breakfast, lunch and dinner meals over a week.

Tearfund have a fantastic range of charitable gifts: From physical items you receive like greeting cards, to those others in need receive. Goats, immunisations, cuddles for orphans, emergency supplies, trauma care, small business startup grants – these heartwarming gifts will bring real change to people who truly do need it the most.

Oxfam do something similar: Their gifts are slightly cheaper, too – and come with some very neat cards which keep in theme with silly secret santa ideas. “Because you’re a good egg,” and, “A basket overflowing with treats, just not um, for you” are just some of the fun messages for the gift of chickens and a grocery hamper, respectively.

If you really do want to give your workmate/stranger who you happen to work with an actual gift, check out Trade Aid: Visit one of their stores to find trinkets and delights, or pick up some of their fair trade chocolate, coffee and teas at most supermarkets.

A tree to plant: Yeah, simple but effective and possibly a metaphor for the friendship you are about to start when they see how cool your gift to them is. Hit up your local garden centre for a tree – ideally something native – and help fix this poor broken climate of ours.

Actually, while you’re at any of the above – you should probably do some Christmas shopping for other people, too. Really spread those miracles around, you know?

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