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‘Tis the season to prepare for your New Zealand summer sabbatical. No matter on what part of the country you have your sights set, one way to get the most out of a seasonal sojourn is to disconnect from the digital world.

At Snap we are all for escaping emails, staying off social media (but stockpiling some good content when you re-connect, of course) and lapping up the peace of a web-less vacay.

New Zealand has an abundance of remote beaches, faraway forests, isolated islands and secluded alpine areas perfect for disconnecting – and here is a collection of some of our ideal places to switch off.


Lap up in the sun and stunning views from this remote cabin. Wildside Lodge has no power and no mobile phone coverage – giving you little choice but to soak in the surrounds away from the hustle and bustle.

Complete with an outdoor fire bath, the lodge is just minutes from the Hari Hari rural settlement where you can stock up on supplies.

Just a short walk to natural hot springs and with a telescope available for star gazing, the lodge is a perfect romantic getaway.


Just because you’re giving up wifi doesn’t mean you need to pass on other luxuries. The team at Explore Life have concocted the perfect recipe of off-the-grid but en-point luxe camping.

Dotted around picturesque Wanaka, the canvas havens are decked out with plush furnishing and linen – and even flushing toilets.

Taking glamping to a new level, there are two semi-permanent sites to choose from amongst quintessential Central Otago vistas – both only accessible by foot. There is also the option to choose your own site, and have the glamping experience of your dreams in your dream location.


Off the grid and straight out of your dreams, this eco-friendly pod hutt is a truly magical escape.

Feel as though you are floating in the hillside landscape as you look through the glass walls to the coast of Kaikoura.

About 2.5 hours drive from Christchurch, the Manukau pod is one of five offered by the company which specialises in fully serviced, off-grid eco experiences.


Can you say you came to Kiwi-land if you didn’t see a Kiwi? We are not so sure, so think you should take your chances with an overnight Kiwi-spotting adventure to Kapiti Island.

Off the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington, the island not only casts a stunning silhouette from the mainland – it is home to peaceful adventures.

Full of hikes and treks – including an impressive swing bridge – the island also has nature reserves and hidden hutts.

Tourism providers like Kapiti Island Nature Tours will take guests to the island for the night for a Kiwi finding adventure. Sleep in a hutt and have meals prepared by a chef during your two full day stay on the island, which is home to more than 1200 little spotted Kiwi.


Hidden in one of the most remote places in New Zealand, Chattan Farm is the perfect place to be at one with nature and at none with technology.

Tucked into native bush on a 300 hectare farm, you don’t have to worry about anyone upsetting the serenity – except for some native birds, that is.


Luxurious, solar powered and private – Kokohuia lodge has sweeping views of the Hokianga Harbour and famous sand dunes.

Immersed in native bush, there is room for just one couple but plenty of room to unwind, relax and enjoy the local sights from the fully organic gardens, bush and orchards.


While there is cellphone reception here, your hosts encourage you to hand in your devices and enjoy the surrounds.

DreamCatchers boutique tents are just metres from the sea on the spectacular Rangiputa beach front.

Yurt-like, the tents come fully equipped for an off-grid yet luxurious stay – with plenty of activities like kite surfing, paddle boarding, snorkelling, diving, water skiing or wakeboarding and sailing.

Heading off grid? Let Snap Rentals take you there. Book today!

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