Changing this one thing will help you reduce your impact on the environment this summer

27 December 2017 | snap news by Patrick

Photo of Tesla.

Summer roadies are synonymous with the season itself.

Car packed up, playlists made, snacks purchased, seating arrangements debated and finally settled upon: You’re ready.

Or are you?

Don’t mean to be a downer, but our wee planet has had a pretty rough time since humans came along with their inventions and their industrial revolution and harmful emissions and what not.

Yeah, our whole existence has been a bit of a buzz kill for old Earthy, and we can’t deny it any longer: It’s time to act.

So, have you considered the impact your roadie is going to have on the town/city/country you’re driving through/across/around?

Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t – but we certainly have.

That’s why we have Teslas for rent, because we know the positive impact these electric dreams can have on the environ.

And that is also why we have pulled together this handy listicle of all the reasons you should be opting for electric this summer.

Less pollution

Running entirely on clean energy, electric cars emit NO toxic gasses.

Vehicle emissions account for about one fifth of the total greenhouse gases causing global warming each year.

So driving an e-car could hugely slow the onset of climate change, and you could also be part of the solution.

Health benefits

Improved air quality is not just a win for the planet, but also for health. Poor air quality can lead to a number of health problems for humans and animals. Clean air is essential for health, so much so that the World Health Organisation says millions of premature deaths occur each year because of dirty air.

Reduction of traffic noise

There is nothing worse than a noisy car spitting and popping it’s way around the streets. So how convenient is it that e-cars are stealth wee guys.

They are way safer

The Tesla Model S is the safest car in the world, and conveniently what Snap rents out.

E-cars support local economies

No imported petrol and diesel is required to power e-cars, so the money spent on electricity is going back where it was generated from.

They are cheaper

In the long-term, e-cars are cheaper than their gas counterparts as electricity is cheaper than fuel. Especially in New Zealand where petrol prices are a contentious issue with fluctuating prices and a reliance on global supplies.

Low maintenance

With no oily engines, e-cars don’t require niggly maintenance and sneaky, expensive mechanics. Most e-cars will have easy to use and understand technology – something we can all agree traditional petrol burners do not.

As one writer puts it: “The environmental impact of an electric car is zero, as well – meaning you’re reducing your carbon footprint and positively affecting the economy.”

And we couldn’t agree more!

Hire a Tesla from our Auckland depot. Book via our Bookings page today.