Eco trends? More like Eco-transformation.

Sustainable, environmentally-friendly travel that makes as little impact on a destination as possible has a growing movement for decades. Now, we are in the golden age of eco-tourism. So much so, many commentators say what once may have appeared a fad, is here to stay. The team here at Snap are well on board with […]Read more

20 November 2017 | snap news by Patrick

Get out of (Queens)town

We can’t pretend Queenstown isn’t a must-visit on any trip to Aotearoa, but we wouldn’t be very good local hosts if we didn’t pass on a little bit of our local knowledge, too. In this case, that is the local knowledge of some of the lesser known places close to Queenstown which are also mindblowing […]Read more

12 November 2017 | snap news by Patrick

Your guide to hitting the North Canterbury wineries

When summer hits Canterbury, why not hit the Canterbury vineyards? Just a short drive north from Christchurch City, you will find yourself immersed in the delights of the local viticulture. The Waipara Valley has a cool, dry climate with high sunshine and a long growing season makes optimal growing for a range of varietals – […]Read more

12 November 2017 | snap news by Patrick

In Auckland on business? Here’s where to stay.

The economic hub of Aotearoa, there is a high chance you will find yourself in Auckland for work at some point in your career. So if you do find yourself in the city of sails, you’re going to want the inside scoop on the best places to call home for your stopover. Britomart Downtown Auckland […]Read more

08 November 2017 | snap news by Patrick

Romance that’s good for the earth

There is nothing like a getaway for you and your significant other, especially one that is also kind to mother earth. Eco-romantics at heart, our team at Snap has been storing away the best places to wine, dine and be nice to nature around New Zealand. So without further ado (but perhaps the preview to […]Read more

31 October 2017 | snap news by Patrick

Five hacks for a funner work trip

What can start off as an exciting work perk, can quickly start to seem like a chore: the double edged sword that is a work trip. With this collection of advice from Snap’s collective pool of wisdom, you can make the most of your strings attached travel. Travel tunes Download a new playlist or some […]Read more

31 October 2017 | snap news by Patrick

Being at one with nature…and luxury

There is nothing like being at one with the outdoors for a classic Kiwi camping adventure. So why not add in some luxurious touches, take out the hard work and experience the New Zealand wilderness a new way: Glamping. Canopy Camping With sites throughout New Zealand, Canopy Camping has you covered. Covered with some of […]Read more

21 October 2017 | snap news by Patrick

Shaka, bro!

Hanging ten, catching waves, in the green room… Whatever you want to call it, we have hunted out some of the best spots for surfing in New Zealand. North or South – or both – our coastlines are packed with places to ride. Shipwreck Bay, Northland You might not find pirates and buried treasure at […]Read more

18 October 2017 | snap news by Patrick

Baby friendly stays in New Zealand

Mild climate, spiceless food, activities aplenty and easy to get around, New Zealand is a great destination to bring your kids – especially the wee ones. In fact, the don of travel guides, Lonely Planet, describes New Zealand as “a terrific place” to bring your offspring. It says Aotearoa is: “Safe and affordable, with loads […]Read more

10 October 2017 | snap news by Patrick

Our favourite two words: Long weekend.

Labour weekend is right around the corner, and so are some of the best spots to get away and enjoy three days of…whatever the hell you like! The old three dayers in New Zealand are synonymous with road trips – big or small – to reach that holiday spot, and at Snap Rentals we know […]Read more

08 October 2017 | snap news by Patrick